Snowcap Cannabis Strain

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Energetic, giggly, hyper, controllable high This strain is awesome for adventures.
Very good

Great 50/50 Hybrid Strain. Pain from headache gone within 2 minutes. Mild flavor with hints of sweet smelling bud. Nice bright orange hairs with dark lime greens mixed in. May help those who lack appetite.
Very good

beautiful Look and aroma.. The concentrate I had was amazing..! Would love to get it again if it comes around again.
Very good

Adding this to the list of favorite buds. Makes me feel relaxed and chatty and creative.
Very good

I think this strain is awsome. Makes me feel. So relaxed and happy.

HOLY SHIT. Made a firecracker using 1.7g of this and I was completely gone. Turns out that firecracker was anywhere between 357-408mg THC. I didn’t know this beforehand because I had never bothered to calculate the exact potency of my edibles, only how many grams I was putting into them. Well needless to say that much THC was a bit much. And by that I mean I was completely fucked. Especially considering this strain is as pur...
Very good

I was able to function but still was euphoric and relaxed. This helped a lot with my anxiety before going out of the apartment.
Very good

This is my happy place. Perfect balance to keep me positive and focused.
Very good

Smells and tastes like lemony sunshine. I love the focused, cerebral high. Fabulous daytime strain for depression or pain sufferers in need of a calming pick-me-up.
Very good

This is a PNW Strain, consisting of either Humboldt Snow x Haze also gdp genetics developed one as well that’s ((cat piss(Skunk pheno) x Jack Herer)Snow White x Catpiss male. Great strain, I believethe one I had was the Snow x Haze, but makes you wonder as it has a catpiss smell, it’s definitely Sativa and too much causes me anxiety and paranoia but I love the flavour! Got it from Silverstem