Skywalker Alien

Skywalker Alien Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This Skywalker hits you hard and then mellows out for a bit of a floaty buzz 🌞
Very good

Nice taste, tried with some mates all had a good time, would definitely try again
Very good

Had the Skywalker OG version of this strain, which is a hybrid between this and OG Kush and it fit nicely into my Movie themed weed trip in Amsterdam was very nice and a great smoke
Very good

This strain is hilarious. I'm pretty sure I went cross-eyed with the first hit. Relaxed but chatty.
Very good

I like it, but it makes mad sleepy. But you do get a good high from it. Definitely something good to smoke.

Skywalker THC clear oil cartridge. Lemony and light in flavor, smooth and calming sensation. Really great
Very good

honestly all I remember is how giggly I am on this straun
Very good

I️ can’t stop listening to music I️t sounds so good so if you wanna feel like that then yeah
Very good

Sky walker is great it’s uplifting best in the summer time you can’t get a head high but still function and get some great gaming in! Not as amazing as granddaddy purple or master OG but does more than just get left behind by the competition I score it as a 4.5

Had some amazing live resin distalite. Fire from start to finish. Intense head high, amazing flavor, and just a great uplifting productive buzz. Big fan of the flower and the distalite. Recommend for anyone with depression.