Silverback Gorilla

Silverback Gorilla Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Yo yo I’ve been mostly in a dab diet for the past two years or so. I’ve been finding the more terps the better the high the better the time. At first glance if this oil it is oh so beautiful. Talk about a diamond field amirite. The consistency and color of this oil was goldenly phenomenal. When I dabbed this strain it was 13.9% terps and let me tell you-WOW. Talk about an uppercut of terpenes to the face. It’s a nice I do a...
Very good

What a GREAT "Indica" feeling! Take it slowly, or don't, 3 puff{}s & I can see what I wanna do & I know what I wanna do but Damn if I can seem to get anything done. LMFAO
Very good

Great for those nights with insomnia!
Very good

Easily my favorite strain for SLEEP! I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and this strain melts me into my bed. Once I wake I’m still euphoric, functional and I have energy. It’s hands down my go to strain now.
Very good

It’s a very nice strain and really relaxing.
Very good

Loved this strain!❤️ Musky, piney taste with awesome pain relief benefits. Thanks Heather!👍🏾
Very good

The flower I purchased of this strain was listed as “Indica - Hybrid leaning” from Earth’s Healing. Super fresh, slightly dense buds. Great smell and color. Anyway, I smoked a 3/4 gram joint right down to the stinger, read a book for awhile, then turned on a movie. Damn, this is shaping up to be an amazing afternoon. Relaxed, but not sleepy. Alert, but not paranoid. Great strain for socializing in a chill environment. Defin...

A nice mellow high that is great for relaxation. I found it helped my anxiety and depression as well.
Very good

Immediately sleepy!! 3 Puffs and I'm in another works!
Very good

Lit one straight out of nature medicine a rare i tell ya. Before i knew it a fucking huge bigger than a house silver gorilla eating a regular size ripe banana staring at me and i was like what the fuck and my eyes just shut down on me, spaced out...SMOKE IT ...ITS FUN