Silver Kush

Silver Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

this is a great sativa strain for me. it's very level. perfect for going out in public to events... although you may not wanna go on live tv after smoking it. i did and was licking my lips through the whole interview. but that goes with pretty much any strain. the effects are perfect for me as a person who doesn't usually like sativas because they make me anxious, but i also don't like to go out in public after smoking indic...

I did not think much of it! I don't think it was flushed correctly.

One of my fav. Boosts creativity and intuition. Very cerebral and distorted my visuals a bit, noticed lights and shadows more. Fun if you have a high tolerance and need something to mix it up to make you feel the stone.
Very good

Well....I was unusually high on this batch and it didn't take small pinch in the Arizer Solo. Powerful! There is no way I would drive on this. Definitely buying again.
Very good

Great for daytime pain relief with 0% loss of presence/focus. Melts away menstrual cramps like *that*!! Very delicious and pretty smooth too 8-)
Very good

This strain has a heavy pine smell with that familiar haze finish. Stressed from job. Wanna finish smoking this.
Very good

Absolutely gorgeous smelling strain, creamy with that almost sour silver smell which is prominent also in silver bubble and super silver haze. Not one to miss .
Very good

Bought some organic Silver Kush. Didn't taste that good, but holy shit the high was perfect. I normally 'overdose' pretty quickly on sativa strains, that make my thoughts race, which isn't comfortable. But this was something different. Well balanced mild cerebral buzz and body high, you realize that life is gooood and colorful, music sounds so goood making you bounce to that shit, everything mellows out, sit back relax and c...
Very good

Confession of a Lightweight: SK delivers a smooth high of modest power: a cerebral-orientated trip that will get one engrossed in an activity. It packs a punch though, and if one overdoes it they may experience a sense of déjà vu and some anxiety. It’s a great strain for getting high and partying with friends, or even having a romantic night in.

Definitely got high, not as strong as other strains but it makes me feel great :)