Silver Haze

Silver Haze Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Strong head high. Active then munchies

kind of stupefying if overdone, but combined with caffeine/Adderall makes me super productive at anything so long as it involves sitting at my desk reduces anxiety but amplifies creative thinking love the sativa head effects with the indica relaxation
Very good

Sliver Haze is a excellent Strain for Daytime use. Gave me focus, energetic,happy and a uplift with a little relaxation.
Very good

Got this one of the OG geezer, which he always used to give us big nugs and this was a beauty lovely smoke
Very good

amazing body and head high, very smooth and very strong! enjoyed it in Paradox Coffee Shop in Amsterdam
Very good

This shit is the bomb!

Put me on my ass after a fat blunt. literally lost hearing in my right ear for like 20 minutes
Very good

Favorite strain. The high is intense and just awesome
Very good

One of the best highs I ever had I smoked around a gram of this out of a pipe and all I can say is that it’s one of my top ten highs I was on my couch in a good mood I had a fat head high and fat body high and I was listing to music and it felt like I was in the studio with rapper and the music was very stimulating to my ears
Very good

Smoked some Silver Haze with a group of friends and i must say, it is quite potent. Im a regular smoker and i stayed high for quite a while. It was an amazing energetic high, i could get up, dance and have a great time. Was very head specific and it allows you to go to a happy place!