Shishkaberry Cannabis Strain

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Shishkaberry made me oddly itchy all over. Great strain otherwise, but I couldn’t really enjoy it.
Very good

TASTE TASTE TASTE! Oh my goodness what a taste. Such a profound impact on the taste buds. I don't think you could hit the nail on the head any better than this strain here. I got a 7g bottle from the NSLC for 62$. After having tried just one gram and falling in love with the Berry Bonanza that happens in your airways after taking a drag or rip of this sweet, earthy, dank, smelling flower. The profile of the flower is pretty ...

It's mild potency wise from most growers, but the taste is amazing, the effects come on really fast so no creeper surprises and really chill but talkative effects. I mean, this is just a great all round go to for a small social gathering. I plan on keeping on hand for exactly that, and as a gentle intro for anyone new who wants to try with me.
Very good

Pretty good strain, tasty and hits you instantly
Very good

I’m not an indica person but holy shit...I smoked this in the middle of the night and I’ve never been that high (keep in mind I’m experienced), i felt like i was on another planet. Super good for socializing though !
Very good

Pretty good strain! I Found this strain to be very mellowing, with a nice head high. However, it also kept me very alert/ “there”. I didn’t feel like an airhead, but felt I was aware of my surroundings and what I was doing, while having 0 thoughts in my head and being content! Definitely a regular!
Very good

i smoked a 1/10 of a gram like 10 minutes ago, since yesterday im suffering with a heavy muscle pain in my forearm, this helped, but didnt take all the pain, um having a little bit of headache, but the high os very Nice, i feel like diving heavy in my bed
Very good

Good shit,good taste,good high and good times smoking this kush<3
Very good

Didn't want to break up the buds coz they're so fresh - but had to smoke it. awesome. period.
Very good

Amazing strain