Shark Shock

Shark Shock Cannabis Strain

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I love it. Found a seed in a dispensary bottle. Testing my luck👍🏽

I think this bud is more medical than trying to get stoned. Its a real moderate high. Like others have said it is good to go to work on, just chill and watch tv maybe. White Widow plus Skunk#1. White Widow is a winner but its a calm high. I would guess the Skunk mix was to put a little more on it. For me I wasnt too impressed from what I read to actually trying it. I would say a beginner would have fun with this and if you h...
Very good

Best medicine for pain without too much brain high!
Very good

Top tier kush, would recommend to almost anyone except if you hate a vibing high. It’s really trippy if you rip as much as I did. Be careful 9/10
Very good

Good for sleep and help with pain through the night. No full body high. Not my go to for an Indica, but will use if it is all I have left.
Very good

high CBD, good for insomnia
Very good

Managed to pick up the last 1/8th at a local dispensary for about 13$. Wasn’t expecting much due to its low THC%, but it really did do the job. Had a nice night of cuddling with my girlfriend. Fell asleep and woke up fully rested. Definitely recommend for beginners (like me).
Very good

In my opinion Aesthetically pleasing Aromatic and slightly sweet flavor 0 to Low cough producing. Excellent for nausea anxiety. Even my joint stiffness and abdominal issues were lessened immediately. Great for my garden.

Not a good one for beginners. I smoked a very small bowl and WOW. Very good for pain relief but, made me very paranoid.
Very good

shark shock has treated me so well for pain and sleep and restless legs. i just smoke a few hits before bed and i sleep like an angel! i took a risk with this one but it really paid off. the only thing is it made me hungry and i couldn’t stop thinking about chocolate before bed.