Shark Attack

Shark Attack Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Nice strain with good aroma. It will make you be really relaxed but at the same time not sleepy. I smoked it with my friends yesterday and it get high you like an extacy-you relaxed, but you want to dance, you feel music and really want to hug your friends. Also make you creative. Recommended :)
Very good

Very good

Some nice euphoria to start later turns into force field euphoria after a harsh first hit, also beginning to feel a bit sleepy, very good chronic pain relief even helping knee a bit, my body is fully relaxed from head to toe, felt tingly near the end
Very good

Low end 4... as soon as my high kicked in I am productive and energetic, this is followed by a full body tingle and your thought process goes through the motions. As soon as I sat down the munchies kicked in and then a nice leg fuzz and a nice headbang begins. This strain made me very talkative and very aroused also gave me a good nights sleep

Very earth and woody tasting bud. Was nice to smoke. Felt focused straight away and locked off to some alien programmes big time. Was mostly an indica high but then the sativa laughter did kick in a couple times but ultimately was just very relaxed, focused and had major body tingle which was nice. Got a great nights sleep with shark attack as well. Good all round indica would defo smoke again.

The first few times I smoked this it really did nothing for me which was a huge let down...especially with the 70/30 indica present. However I will give this strain a second shot after tonight! Chill af! I rolled an after yoga j of this with some cannotonic (a must have) and I'm relaxing pain free. Perhaps this is a strain that needs to be mixed instead of smoked alone.

I came across some wasn't even sure if it was real figured it was another made up name out there that sounded cool lol but wow it was nice the buds were beautiful light green nice orange hairs crystals looked just like little diamonds on the hairs! I used a flavored paper so didn't get to actually taste it but it does go good with white grape papers made me feel like I had a strong advil all my pain just drifted away definit...
Very good

I am someone who is new to marijuana and found most strains I had tried thus far to be way too strong for me. I went to my local dispensary and talked it over with my bud tender and they suggested I try Shark Attack. I wanted to wait a few times to get a good feel for it before writing a review and I can say it has been consistent across the board. This gives a really fantastic body high and a nice " in the clouds" floaty ki...

As an indica lover, I normally go for the highest level of thc possible, but this strain also has a relatively high content of cbd which really relaxed my body and took away some of my aches and pains. I didnt get the same type of high off of this as I do something like kosher kush, but this was a nice mellow, relaxed high that helped me to concentrate and get some work done on the computer.
Very good

I love this strain. It's a super nice body and head buzz with the perfect amount of cerebral euphoria. It's a kick back and watch a movie type strain. With a high focus from the sativa. One of my favorite strains for sure.