SFV OG Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Vape pen of this and at first was quite strong for me but I eventually built my tolerance up. Great strain for relaxing and letting your mind wander. I’ll likely try something else next time but didn’t hate it
Very good

Good taste good thicc buds
Very good

really good night time/relaxation strain - helped with back pain and stiffness a bunch
Very good

After a long day this strain is ideal for relaxation, pain and depression.
Very good

One sweet ride! I need hip replacement surgery, and have serious pain. I've not found the bud yet, but have tried the distillate, or vape cartridge, version and my oh my! This baby simply wraps your body in a blanket of deep relaxation, while allowing you to just float or be in the moment while staying focused. It will bring a sleepy conclusion free of pain, allowing you to just drift off to a restful sleep. I never dreamed ...

Love the strain but hate your packaging. Felt like opening a puzzle then there was neoprene foam inside? C’mon

I tried this as a concentrate. I don't see the big deal about it. The taste was interesting and different, but Afghan Kush does not woo me. I find it to be light, a delicate haze.
Very good

This is definitely one of my favourite strains of all time! Gave me the most intense body high, so so so good. But the other person is right, better get out your wheelchair!
Very good

This strain is pretty sweet. Perfect for relaxing at the end of the day, for insomnia, and for alleviating some nighttime aches. ✌🏻💖🐝
Very good

Super duper frosty darker nuggets that hit you hard. This shit puts me on my ass great night strain. If smoking in daytime it’s a nice chill out sit around feel. Great for pain eases the mind too