Sensi Star

Sensi Star Cannabis Strain

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Noticable high but doesnt last long.
Very good

Probably the best I've ever had
Very good

First “ legal “ strain of cannabis I’m trying , 5gs for 75$ in Winnipeg , great stuff , not a big fan of the smell of taste but this hits hard & keeps a good high going , very “ relaxed body high “ I suffer from panic disorder and this weed is prime in helping me to relax & chillout & pay bills & clean .
Very good

This is my favorite strain of all time. My friend and I referred to it as “anxiety-killer” because we both suffer from anxiety and this strain completely sedated us and removed all anxiety, muscle tension and depression. This strain is probably better for night time use but I used it all throughout the day because of the anxiety killing properties.
Very good

At first, this made me want to clean my whole house, but once that was done I truly was able to savor it. It is quite strong and long-lasting and I found it to induce trance-like states at times. It makes your arms so weightless they seem to sway in their own currents. It smokes really slow and was quite spongy. Other than nervousness about my dirty kitchen, no other anxiety, depression, or paranoia, but the visuals do requ...
Very good

Love it myself. The type of straight that’s good for a late night, with some real good music. The type to put in a joint and chill tf out.
Very good

Not a fan of the taste, but it gives the perfect little buzz to help me calmly drift to sleep. Also helped with headache pain, nausea, and pain from a sprained ankle.
Very good

looking at my review to follower ratio, I'm ashamed, such a lazy patient. anyhow, on to the review. this is the euphoric bedtime trip I've been looking for for a while now. nugs are dense and smell of earthy tree fruit. smoke sadly doesn't reflect the nose but isn't harsh or unpleasant, just mostly earthy. head change sets immediately, like a large Ferris wheel in the sky. body effects follow shortly after, nice and tingly ...
Very good

I LOVE this stuff. It knocks me on my butt and I’m a daily smoker. Great for stress relief. Good for knocking boots solo or partnered 😉
Very good

This med right here, U can never go wrong. Uplifting, happy aroused. Great tasting, think better and work harder. Cheers, thumbs up, & bottles up. Throw the meds up to Natures Med's where they know how to treat patients. Thumbs up!!!