Sensi Skunk

Sensi Skunk Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Very relaxing without being too overpowering.

Makes me feel like my head is being hugged by a warm fluffy pillow....
Very good

Amazing full body high but no tingling OR flushed limbs. No couch lock just pure unadulterated euphoria.

one of my fave strains all time, knockout smoke, great flavour and goes a long way

This has a nice light skunky taste. It calms me down at the end of the day without making me tired. It relaxes my muscles and I think it has some positive influence on creativity. Great for relaxing and watching a movie however also good for doing something artistic.

particular mente no me gusto nada deja mucho q desear, pense q al llevar skunk tendria un gran sabor xro la verdad es q esperava mucho mas, un saludo y buenos humos!
Very good

I grew this myself with seeds bought from Sensi Seeds in Amsterdam. After growing it, harvesting it and curing it I finally got to have a smoke. The high is awesome, really heavy, and makes you feel super slow. I loved it. If you've indica heavy strains and feeling so stoned your limbs feel like slices of bacon, I'd recommend Sensi Skunk 👌🏻
Very good

Great strain, easy to grow and perfect for first time growers. Flowers quite quickly. It's compact, mine reacher the height of 67cm. Got a big enough harvest from it. Sweet smelling juicy buds. Highly recommend! ✌️
Very good

Great strain, super easy to grow hardly takes anytime to flower, super strong as well
Very good

Great strain, nice high & very relaxing. one of the best Strains I have tried.