Satellite OG

Satellite OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

strong 💪🏽 🔥

Very noticeable pine/og aroma, though not as fuel as her other cousins like the planet series or king louie, tiger blood,..etc. Skunky but not too hard to smoke, kind of smooth, recommend smoking by bongs. Slow onset but hits hard, can see how this causing paranoia to some ppl due to its intense upperbody high. The high is neither head or whole body high, just enough to feel the warm rush in between your jaw and chest area. ...

Big creativity. Big paranoia. Big energy. Big relaxation. 3/5

This strain is amazeballs. The smell is beautiful and let me tell you I’m a blunt smoker but with this strain I only smoked a joint and was lit. Love this strain ❤️❤️❤️

This is a great choice if you’re looking to sink into your couch in pure bliss. Makes you hungry and chill as f. Highly recommended
Very good

Hi there. You. Yes, you - the one behind the computer screen. I know why you’re here. You feel something.A longing. And you’re wondering if this particular strain of weed will fill it. The answer? Yes. Temporarily. This strain is the very essence of kush. Wrapped in an enigma. That is itself. What does that mean? Perfect for gaming or just spacing out and listening to music. Theorizing about the meaning of life. And wha...

This strain isn't exactly my favorite. It's a good Indica in that the body high is pleasant but it gives me a terrible headache. Indeed my mood is calm and thoughts pleasant but there is an irritating pain between the eyes that persists as I smoke it. I would just say beware of the more physical side effects with this strain than plan to use it for relaxation.
Very good

Gorgeous honeycomb concentrate from Emerald avenue courtesy of bhomb squad. Overwhelming flavor of skunk, I mean really really strong, so much so that it took me several sessions to identify the strong pine and mint notes that reveal them and dominate the exhale. This one seems to be very very good for my pain. It's been a long painful week at work and this one promises to put me in a coma tonight. Probably not good for th...

Gor these buds from a local despenceary and was pleased to see these fluffy, resin covered nuggets. A quick J put me out of pain and into a enlightened, creative mood with the stresses of the world forgotten.

The wife was at a loss and said her feelings were accurate to the leafly description. I agree for the most with exception of taste candy yes fruity but not piney. Pungent smell but not skunky?? Lasts long.