Satellite OG

Satellite OG Cannabis Strain


What is Satellite OG

Bred by Satellite, a cross between OG Kush and SFV OG the heavy, long-lasting euphoria strain delivers  cerebral energy and keeps you alert. Dense foxtail appearing buds are frosty looking and have heavy resinous deposits. Pine and candy aromas are found on exhaling Satellite OG which is capable of helping to treat chronic anxiety pain, depression and muscle issues.  A good strain to set your mind to the free zone but still allow you to function in an orderly manner. Creativity moments are increased and overall you feel relaxed. This is a 49 to 70 day flowering cycle plant.

Satellite OG Effect And Attributes

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Relaxed (100%)
Happy (80%)
Euphoric (75%)
Uplifted (60%)
Creative (45%)
Earthy (100%)
Pungent (67%)
Sweet (56%)
Woody (56%)
Pine (33%)
Dry Mouth (100%)
Dry Eyes (33%)
Paranoid (33%)
Anxious (17%)
Dizzy (17%)

Satellite OG Flavors

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