Salmon River OG

Salmon River OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Salmon river of #4 is a very nice strain. I was pleasantly surprised by the spicy and fruity scent and the nice tight buds. Pretty heavy at first then it levels out nicely.

Got some from liberty in PA. Didn't have high expectations but was definitely surprised by this strain. Smooth taste and had a really nice indica feel. Would recommend
Very good

My favorite strain. It smells delightful, like perfumed chocolate. High for me is a short, intense sativa brainstorming rush and then it's groove city for hours. If you like a little sativa effect but without getting too trippy, you'll love this strain. Very productivity-enhancing for creative endeavors.
Very good

Just a great all around strain. finish good, goes great with a cuppa coffee at 4:20 in the morning, great for the nerve pain! A little goes a long way with this one strain.
Very good

I believe the OG stands for Oh Groovy! Salmon River rocks.Nice looking buds that grind to a nice fluffy volume. Vapes with a very nice dark chocolate/espresso taste. This stuff is potent, a heavy body relaxation as well as a very calming mental state makes for a perfect night time medicine. Eased the days aches and allowed me to get a good nights sleep. Pairs well with The Chromatics.

Source: Liberty Philly Method: Vaporization (Volcano: 192-204c) Look: Small and dense nugs, lots of trichomes. Easy to grind. Smell: Not very pungent, mostly earthy Taste: Light earthy taste, not harsh Effect: After 10 or so minutes the high comes on strongly and then indica aspects kick in. There is a ceiling to the high; additional amounts seem to just extend the duration. Average duration for an indica, intensity of t...
Very good

This was the first legal 8th I’ve ever purchased ever . I was def pleased , it had an unreal scent ... extremely distinctive and had beautiful purple sugar leaves ... I was glad I randomly went with this strain . Pleasantly surprised and fair price .

Only giving this three stars cause it never gets my really high. I usually get lemon and chocolate tastes coming from this leaf.
Very good

Great for pain relief. Heavy Indica so probably better for evening time but a great relaxing indica.

Liberty dry leaf is smooth and relaxing helps pain and anxiety and doesnt take much but I dont really care for the taste