RudeBoi OG

RudeBoi OG Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I was originally going to give it a 4 because it's not really MY favorite strain, but I decided 5 was fair because I feel it would have great medical value for some people with pain and/or insomnia. Knocks me out with the force of a freight train. Of course it is stimulating a bit at first, like you get with most strains, but it pretty quickly turns into complete pain and insomnia relief. Never fails to knock me out. I don't...
Very good

I harvested my first rude boi OG grow today October 10th from a clone started in late June grown outdoor in Hillsboro Oregon. I have had some fairly successful grows in the past, however todays harvest is by far the most incredibly beautiful and dank looking flowers I’ve ever seen before. Highly recommend this strain for recreational growers to try. So stoked

Good, thick smoke. I got a soapy taste, but I understand getting the 'pine' taste. It couched me, real nice, mellow feeling. Put something good on the television, or listen to something on a set of good headphones: its that kind of buzz.
Very good

If you love taste as well as the stone, you're in for a double treat 😎
Very good

It helps my GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) and it allows me to stop worrying, fall asleep at ease and wake up feeling very refreshed and ready to go!
Very good

I smoked a few bowls after a hard day's work and I could not be happier with the results. Rude Boi melted the stress of the day away while providing a euphoric before-bed ambiance. Not to mention the powerful sweet & sour taste and smell. Highly recommend!
Very good

This is an interesting strain and gives kind of a harsh one in my experience. I'm awake as hell and living it by binge watching shows on Netflix. 5/5 for me.
Very good

This is a great strain. Really well balanced head and body effects. The high is happy, silly, and spacey, with little to no couch lock. However, if you need to at lower doses you can push through the spaciness and think through complex things. After the head high spaces me out it makes my whole body tingle and loosen up (the pain killing isn't as strong as some though). A warning though -- even at the 22% my Gold Leaf batch ...
Very good

This one made me sit and stay for a minute. Very happy high. Og effects are there.
Very good

Rudeboi is great for relieving pain and nausea together without making you too foggy headed to still be functional. Has pain relieving power of some traditional heavy Indicas without the “couch lock” effect. Used it to make a green dragon tincture and some edibles and handles my symptoms that usually require multiple strains. Does make me very “chatty” and a little too willing to volunteer information leading my family to du...