Royal Highness

Royal Highness Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I suffer from manic depression, migraines, PTSD, anxiety, fibromyalgia & arthritis. Baby listen! I've only had 3 bong hits so far and I'm about to cream my panties it's so good. no headache, no body pain, I'm super chill, but not sleepy. I feel mentally alert but not stressed. think of a marriage between prozac, xanax & Adderall... yep, that's what it feels like. So, if you'll excuse me, I am about to cook a Thanksgiving ...
Very good

Great sativa, low thc content revolves into not the best smoke for the stoners but great for medical use.
Very good

I was looking for a strain that helped with joint pain, but didn’t completely make me off my tits. Very much recommended if you are looking for a good low mix of THC/CBD
Very good

This is my first time trying a cbd strain, and I am very pleased. The high is quick to settle in, but it’s very pleasant. I took one very large hit on my bong to get a feel for it. The flavor is very interesting. I get some earthy flavors, and I kind of get what they mean by a cheesy taste/smell. The buds are dense with plenty of orangeish hairs and crystals to spare. It’s pretty fragrant to begin with, but when you grind it...
Very good

Usually I'm a high-THC person, so I wasn't expecting to feel much off this strain. After one bowl, though, I am feeling very nicely buzzed. Just the right amount of stoney feeling and none of couchlock. Great for doing some morning or day chores around the house. Would also recommend for those THC-users looking to explore high-CBD strains.
Very good

Solid for daytime use even for an indica though some mixing up with words when tired.
Very good

Strange smells Strange flavors Awesome buzz
Very good

The best strains I've ever had in my life! Instantly defeats my pain and migraines. For me I don't really get a high which is perfect for me I don't enjoy just getting stoned. Anyway I am saddened to hear the strain will be disappearing soon if it hasn't already. I'm definitely in love with this strain!
Very good

This is my go-to edible. Just 1/4 piece does the trick to kick my insomnia in the butt and give me a good night's sleep. I wake up refreshed and never groggy or sluggish. There's a nice, relaxing high in there somewhere, but I'm off to dreamland before I can fully experience it.
Very good

Wonderful strain. Uplifting head high at first, then 5-10 minutes later settles into something really nice, relaxing, happy, and very clearheaded and not Stoney. Found myself just kind of taking a sigh of relief and blissed out on life. Quick relief to back pain and symptoms of PTSD. No couch lock either, very motivated. Found myself tidying up around the house, doing dishes, finishing some yard work I had been putting off.