Rose Bud

Rose Bud Cannabis Strain

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Very good

super icy, thought I had gotten moon rocks when I saw them.
Very good

Really great for hanging out with friends and really cools me down after a day

flowery , pretty and fluffy
Very good

Sweet smooth relaxing , mellow but like a thorny rose it’s got some kick. I had a bad stomach ache just before I smoked the rosebud and it took my pain away instantly. Melts anxiety and stress and is a laid back high.
Very good

Rose Bud is a sweet little flower. The smell & lime green appearance with fine trichomes were most appealing. Don't let the lower THC level fool you. I got a nice long mellow high from it & at a 70/30 ratio you get a little bit of feel good for everything :) Nice afternoon smoke. Worth the purchase from a trusted shop!
Very good

Smells and tastes just like a glass of rose! Fantastic flavor, beautiful buds with a chill high. Not too strong but it's not weak either. Nice for a lazy afternoon or for dealing with the public (as it's not going to make you incoherent.) All in all I would recommend trying it and I might try it again just for it's novelty.
Very good

I'm generally a sativa guy but we gave this a try. The name couldn't be more accurate. Light smooth and floral smoke. Tastes exactly like the name suggests. Feels a little more like a sweet hybrid. Not blasted but good afternoon kind of medicine.

Love this Flower by far my favorite for my pain and stress. Makes my day easier and my pain level drops to a 3 when I function on a 9 everyday. Love the smell and the buds. It's like having your own 12 dozen Roses. Lol! Taste is sweet,smell relaxing,uplifting, motivating. Since it's spring, kinda puts a twist on stop and smell the roses instead smoke this Rose Bud Happy Spring!!!

Average indica nothing special
Very good

This strain is really, very lovely. Smells like roses. Indica heavy hybrid. Strong body and head high, really nice. Comes on nice and smoothe. Has a nice taste as well. Would definitely revisit.🌷