Romulan Cannabis Strain

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Very good

I suffer from severe anxiety with panic disorder and this strain has been so amazing and has helped so much. Must try!

Not a nice flavour or aroma. The high is decent and relaxing, but the taste is a problem for me. This would be nice to use for edibles or oils though, I'm sure
Very good

Getting strong bacon vibes

It’s great if you can’t sleep. Not to good if you have errands to run. Real heavy buzz , won’t buy again!
Very good

Holy lord spaghetti monster, I am so toasted from this strain. Got it in shatter form, and my first dab had my head in space and my body literally a noodle. Took away all of my pain and, most importantly, my intense nausea. I feel like I could enjoy a meal without needing to make sure that a barf bag is at hand. This is an amazing feeling. Can't recommend Romulan enough!
Very good

This is a decent indica. Definitely more a body high than a head high.
Very good

VERY nice high. Easily one of the best strains i have had this year. It is honestly an interdementional weed. Super relaxed and euphoric thoughts. Nothing but happiness and chillaxation

It’s ok for sleep. Not great. I like the high cbd so I’m not paranoid and out of my mind. Definitely mellows and helps with anxiety. I will keep searching for a better sleep strain.

This was a rough night. I've tried this several times now all with different amounts. The third time I experienced some paranoia towards the end which was easily navigated by sleeping. For the fourth use, I smoked the smallest amount yesterday from a bong and at first was super relaxed and content. This quickly developed into an extreme paranoia, shakiness, and what felt like an inability to stop my brain from thinking. Wou...
Very good

I suffer from anxiety with several other strains. this one allows me to chill out and focus. I like to take this in the morning with my coffee and then play video games as the effect encourages focus and good thinking time. I recommend to Veterans who are worried about anxiety and paranoia. This helped me a lot.