Rocky Mountain Blueberry

Rocky Mountain Blueberry Cannabis Strain

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Very relaxing! Like to lay down, shut my eyes and listen to spa music on Ricky Mountain Blue Berry 😀
Very good

top 3 It is really good smelling. I personally love indica's so that is a strain that really suit me. The tast is amazing. It is really smooth.
Very good

This is the one strain that's gotten a solid five from me. This strain a) smells amazing; b) looks good; c) makes you feel good; and d) it's a very smooth high. The high itself was amazing. I was relaxed, happy, and I was actually really aroused the whole time I was high. Please have water by your side because this strain dries you up in MANY ways.

So happy to be indulging in the feelings of this strain! It's a very sweet smoke that supplies a hefty body buzz accompanied by a lofty head high. It had me giggling and tripping over my words while in conversation with friends. Relaxing and spacey, still functional for an Indica, and not too heavy. Smell, taste, and high are all a wonderful treat.

I've heard that this is a pretty popular strain and I see why! To begin: the flower is covered in pretty orange hairs and crystals. The smell is fresh and fruity. This was by far the smoothest smoke I've had, but that may be because I'm a new stoner or because I smoked it with my bubbler. The smoke also tastes really nice! It's clean and has a hint of berry at the end. The high is really relaxing and sedating. Tingly in the ...
Very good

My most productive mothers, out of 3 strains. Growing now.
Very good

Thick purple buds covered in trichomes with a sweet pleasant fruity odor as you open the bag. This is an indica that rarely leaves you couch locked without excessive use. Not the best for pain but always a decent buzz. The euphoric relaxation is combined with a creative energy. I enjoy creating music after smoking this strain, it's also great for unwinding after a stressful day as it won't leave you sedentary but does provid...
Very good

mountin berry at nectar 22%
Very good

Smells like blueberry muffins right out of the bag. Fat, bright green nugs, with a golden hue, especially once ground. Sticky. Very easy to break up as the nugs just disintegrate. Once everything's ground, it all smells like legit diesel fuel. Amazing. The buzz so far is very energetic and euphoric with my vision all of a sudden getting twisted...no cotten mouth either!!!
Very good

love the smell. very fruity. great high