Rockstar Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Loved this one for bedtime

good for sleep.
Very good

Super potent. Would recommend for night use as it makes you literally pass out, would be good for someone who has trouble sleeping at night. Very skunky couldn’t really taste much.. maybe a bit earthy.. made me euphoric but hungry while also giving me very dry mouth and dry eyes; which can easily be fixed with eyedrops and water. Overall a really great indica, would highly recommend.

Rockstar is an amazing high THC indica! Works fantastic for stress, depression, headaches, migraines and insomnia.

Pretty good stuff. I give it 5 stars as I just smoke it to pass out at night. Works great for that. Tastes sweet. Not for doing activities though. Maybe writing or making music
Very good

very strong, specific scent. very nice for pain. I just bought an ounce of it. I feel very zoned out and high lmao 😂 would buy again!!! Also good for sleep and relaxation

Rockstar is the only strain I use for sleep and pain. I buy it regularly and have VERY good results. But not with this harvest. I purchased 5grams from Tilray (LOT # N0000004465) and it is useless. Rockstar usually knocks me out in about 5 mins. Previous harvests have consistently helped me sleep for about 6 hrs straight, relaxed my body and eased my pain. This harvest does essentially nothing. I wake every hour or less and...
Very good

Amazing and wonderful

not a huge fan of this one. sure, the high is okay, but only when i don't feel paranoid that someone is stalking me in my own home. overall not super fun.
Very good

new favourite indica. or at least on par with black diamond for sleep. totally amazing and I got an oz of it because of how good it was. I never felt this relaxed and calm with myself. please check this strain out, its lovely.