Rockstar Master Kush

Rockstar Master Kush Cannabis Strain

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Amazing strain for fans of Kush! We had our crop tested and it was at the 20%. I had this strain as a constant smoke for 2 months and usually I would be sick of a strain after smoking it for so long but not with this one! Smooth clean smoke & classic Kush taste with a tiny bit of subtle sweet after taste. More of an evening weed but in lower doses it works great for the day as well, especially for heavy smokers. This is for...
Very good

Liked this a lot more than I thought I would. Not that big of fan of either parent strain but grown right in this cross it has the most narcotic body stone that takes a long time to creep up. It starts out as a buzzing and after a half an hour I lose feeling in my limbs and my head clears. Has a light citrus/earthy nose to it but coats your mouth in flavour. Great strain to have on hand for pain and astro travel.
Very good

Didn't blow me away or anything but it's a pretty good mellow high. I got this with two other strains, Tuna and Godberry and I'd probably be a lot more enthusiastic about Rockstar MK if the other two weren't such hard hitters, but don't let me saying that turn you away, it's a good all around strain for chilling out and marathoning your favorite show or making a grocery run. Good body high and in a high enough dose you can g...
Very good

Holy moly, This stuff is amazing. I can't believe it. one bong toke an hour and a half ago and I'm still couch locked, a little giggly, just feeling great after a 10 hour shift.

very tasty my low key favorite from MMJ

good strain, not great.
Very good

Great strain, i felt very relaxed, this is my go to strain
Very good

Amazing strain, it has a beautiful after taste that sits on your tongue, a mellow long lasting high that doest make u feel like your days over after smoking! Goes well with breakfast!!!
Very good

Very nice smoke, surprisingly didn't put me in the couch! I was able to energetically carry on with my day and took the crazies away!! :)
Very good

I wish I could add a half star, it is better than 4. EXCELLENT FOR PAIN. Strong sensual body buzz, warm water moving against my skin was thrilling. 1/2 way in, wanted to get into music, with closed-eye visuals. Next day: pretty bad pain day. After supper medicated with this and started to feel better almost immediately. I still had to take the anti-inflammatory, but I could put it off until closer to bedtime. Save some o...