Rockstar Kush

Rockstar Kush Cannabis Strain

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good sedative indica but high only lasts an hour or less.
Very good

Dank ass fuck this is a kush lovers dream come true

Not a huge fan of the taste primarily, usually I like something a little more sour. But the smoke is absolutely excellent, burns slow and doesn’t make you hack up a lung. Rolls great, the stash I got was perfectly moist and but not under cured. Not the densest bud in the crop but you will not be disappointed.
Very good

Amazing best sleep ever
Very good

Perfect for late night TV Watching gives a good sleep . Wake up in Morning feeling well rested and My Arthric Knees get moving nice and quick . Good Strain cheers Aphria !
Very good

one of my all time favourites. i think bubba is a rockstar.

Great, Hard Hitting Sticky Aromatic Skunky Smooth Relaxing Melo High... I LOVE IT!!! IT SMELLS TOO GOOD!!!

serious munchies, productive high, low anxiety
Very good

Great for an uplifting sensation

A clean, smooth smoke hits your lungs and it tickles your chest. The high slowly dances around you and then hits really elegantly. Overall relaxed, calm, heightened physical sense. Your bed feels like a fluffy cloud...