Rocklock Cannabis Strain

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Up front she’s a numbly indica, sliding into your nerves and turning them to rubber bands, but when she reaches your head you might start to think thinky thoughts. You might get creative but creating is hard work with this much couch-lock, so maybe just some tv and drawing. You might need snacks for the comedown.
Very good

Herr comes the BOOM ready or not. I picked up a half gram of Rocklock by Venom Extracts. It's the perfect indica for chillin, there's no sedation. The feeling is slight and my first go around with this strain was flower. Now that I have it in shatter the feeling comes out strong. Also great for relieving depression I have just buried someone close to me & haven't been able to snap out of heavy mourning. Now I feel at peace ...
Very good

Good levels thc=cbd. Might get tight heavy. Head can cause panic or. Panic. But in small amouth good. Very easy. Not to tigh i n thc. Yes indcia woodly taste must have for anyvpromble.s. or if ubgot bad ocd or. Panic attacks this will help u still medication w thc but due to higher. Cbd. Is a must. Cant really over do it. Cbd block bad affect
Very good

Unique indica. I would recommend Rocklock for nights you want complete relaxation without falling asleep shortly after medicating. Rocklock would be perfect for going to concerts or a night on the town.
Very good

I bought this for the indica affect. I thought "couch lock" when reading the name Rocklock. First thing I noticed was the smooth clean draw and fruity taste. I'd say Juicy Fruit gum is the flavor. I bought a 1 gram pre-roll. I smoked about 1/4 of it before it finally hit. Tube says 19.71 THCA .20 THC. Only a head high cant feel the body high. I ended up smoking 3/4 of it and still wide awake and wanting to smoke the...
Very good

Exactly what you expect from a heavy indica. Something to smoke before bed and only bed!

I think the strain is strong, solid, tasty, and cerebral. However, I must say that of the two strains it is hybridized from, i.e., Warlock and Rockstar, I did not like either of them as stand alones but they work well in creating Rock Lock. I became very talkitive and enjoyed relaying information about astrology during my time with the Rock House strain. I was able to think and speak very clearly and was happy too. Overall,...

GREAT nighttime smoke. I got the best sleep I'd had in months thanks to this stuff.
Very good

I wanted an indica-dom strain to help me sleep (#homebuyerlife, compounded by some other factors), but am finding this gem is actually chill and helping me get in my head just enough to stay focused on what matters but chill enough to not care. Munchie status 3000 but who cares; tastes great and like McDonald's says, I'm lovin' it.
Very good

Excellent strain for a Sunday afternoon. Helps to calm nerves. Great sleep aid also.