Remedy Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Knocked me out cold. Cbd-leaning indica. Great smoke in the pipe and nice flavour too.
Very good

Great pain reliver. Nice calm body high, great for chilling to some YouTube before bed.

Hi CBD strain no munchie. What to try
Very good

As a person with plantar fasciitis, this strain helped to alleviate a lot of the pain that comes with it. Excellent!
Very good

I take the tincture CBD oil and it works pretty good on my pain. This one is a keeper for my chronic neck pain.
Very good

I’m that “smoker that doesn’t smoke but wants to smoke but I can’t because weed freaks me out and I’m jealous of everyone that can use it because I hate taking Xanax/klonopin/Ativan/Zoloft”. I can take one hit of literally anything else and be so high that I go into immediate panic and depersonalization status where I don’t know I’m me, I feel stuck in my body and as if I had a stroke or something. This is NOT the case w...
Very good

I use this strain literally every day. I have constant muscle spasms and mild dystonia. This strain helps me keep my muscles more relaxed and lets me keep working. I also get really, really bad tension and migraine headaches and this makes them go away almost instantly. it also helps with my anxiety. I use it in tincture form and take it by the sublingual method. It has helped me so much and I've been able to cut back subst...
Very good

what a surprise.. excellent for pain no flatlines and no up beats.. perfect level headed smoke with all positives really a must have in the nightstand..
Very good

Great for controlling anxiety and helping unwind after a stressful day in the office, without any psychoactive side effects.
Very good

I've had chronic back and leg pain for many years. I picked up this remedi spray tinkature. It's a balance 1:1 the,cbd. When I take mine I pass right out. And I sleep deep!! I usually get up 6-8 times a night. Last night I woke up 2 times. It worked great. Yes I still got up 2 times but it's a huge step from 6-8 times a night. Again, I'll take it and my eyes would be heavy in around 15-20 mins and it kills the pain!! Finally...