Recon Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Munchies slumped in your couch high

Best indica I’ve ever smoked. I have had severe anxiety problems for the past two days where I’ve taken my prescription for a medication that makes me really sleepy but I’ve taken a lot more of it because I couldn’t get rid of the anxiety not even with the bugs that I had at the time and then I came across this strain and it is must absolutely must call meaning and relaxing and creative and productive thinking but I’ve smoke...
Very good

Very good flavor and smell. Excellent, relaxing high. Classic OG characteristics.

Balanced controlled feeling on an upbeat note, yet _super_ intense.
Very good

Recon was a pleasure for me to vaporize. It is quite the indica hybrid strain with great flavors to accompany its intense array of healing feelings. After vaporizing this strain I felt tingling from head to toe with waves of cresting euphoria coming over my body and mind. My stress from the day melted away and my physical fatigue was quelled after a long work day and workout. It is great for pain relief without making you to...
Very good

its really fruity and spicy, smoked a bowl first thing in the morning watched a snail for 40 minutes.

Awesome indica strain. Tastes amazing and the 30% thc makes it hit hard instantly and make you slump down fast. You can still function okay on it but definitely a good bud for just chillaxing. 8/10
Very good

this train is bomb as hell if you want to be a couch potato guaranteed it'll put you on your ass and I'll make you eat the entire cabinet It's amazing And you getting a little and a good talk time alright
Very good

Shared a J with my mom earlier. Tastes very good, nice smooth hits. Feeling extremely relaxed, and smiley. I recommend getting curled up in bed with some snacks and your favorite tv show because you're down for the night ! One of my favorite indicas.
Very good

Great all around smoke, potent and relaxing