Raspberry Kush

Raspberry Kush Cannabis Strain

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great Indica. Smoked before bed and fell into a deep after a sweet after slipping into a great deep stone. Loved it! Will put on my fav list.
Very good

very relaxing ,calm and mellow state

So good. Nice high. Great raspberry smell and flavor
Very good

Raspberry Kush was one of my favorite indicas in WA. Higher Leaf in Bellevue has this strain packed with over 27% THC. Definitely a couch lock and sleepy strain, but I did smoke before activities and did just fine. Raspberry Kush gives you a great body and head high along with creativity.
Very good

Amazing strain if you love the green herb like me and you also love the fruit of the legendary raspberry then much like myself you shall love this strain.
Very good

sweet and relaxed
Very good

Smooth smoke, not too harsh on the cough, taste great

This was the first strain I had ever tried. I was inexperienced; I should have consulted other users for guidance but I can say that the aroma was very sweet and calming.

Not a typical indica. Creative and focused strain

Smell : deep fruity and skunky notes - hints of pine Taste : persistent fruity taste and aroma - bright and flowery - little hints of pine and chocolate in the initial toke - fades to a skunky sweet berry aftertaste. Excellent flavor Visual : dark green buds tight and dense with very little leafiness.