Rare Darkness

Rare Darkness Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Couch lock helps with sleep
Very good

This helps me sleep.
Very good

This is the first time trying this strain. I got it in ready to roll. The look of it in this form is not all that breathtaking but the taste is Devine. First on the pallet is the taste of sweet. Next on inhale is the earthy hints. Then on exhale and lip licking comes the distinct hint of glorious grape. The effects are very good. A healthy body hit with a mild to medium Cerebral Toning. This was sampled by cigarette fo...

I have tried a few strands for my fibromyalgia including ASSSD, Halley's Comet, Wappa, Fire OG and Lavender ... rare darkness definitely is my new FAVORITE!!! Instantly all my body and nerves calm down and I'm left feeling euphoric and stress free! I'm so excited I found this! It didn't put me to sleep and i have smoked it a couple times a day and it keeps me going! Cause without it I'm in pain, back burns like the dickens ...

4 - 5 stars if you have had a hard day and don’t want to be social, and you want to leave it all behind; this is for you. If you want to be with others and social the pass on Rar.
Very good

Nice fruity candy-ish taste almost like Pez candy and it burns smoothly. I started to feel the effects after 3 minutes. Started on my head and it spread thru my body. About 15 min later i started to feel sleepy
Very good

After visiting a local dispensary, I got home to open up my medical cannabis. I took a couple of puffs from my piece and almost instantly felt my body lifted onto cloud 9. I was able to get to sleep and stay asleep all night. Which is rare for me. Love this strain!
Very good

So me and my boyfriend tried this tonight. The flavors are amazing as well as the high😉 But I couldn’t stop laughing and talking! It was hilarious! Had to share 💋
Very good

Good for depression and will physically keep a smile on your face for a couple of hours. and a perfect time to watch a movie
Very good

very relaxing..