Quin-N-Tonic Cannabis Strain

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Hey, it's Mr. Pecok from Yakima, WA!!!! I bought this strain in Spokane, WA @ Royal Cannabis by Alternative Us It helped with my nausea, loss of apetite, stomach pain, body aches, anxiety, and head ache.
Very good

I like this strain a lot because it is a very relaxing and mellow strain. Doesn't really make you feel "high" due to the fact that it is a CBD dominant strain. I would recommend to anyone dealing with stress or anxiety.
Very good

This is my bud version of a Tylenol and Xanax smashed together. This has to be my go to for extreme anxiety/pain relief. A few hits of this is enough to bring me down from (or stop at onset) a panic attack which is amazing. Bright orange hairs all throughout the dense yet fluffy nugs. Slight "cat piss" aroma which I associate with the Quin part of this Tonic, however the taste is still enjoyable. Great to ease racy thoughts...
Very good

I love this one for pain and anxiety. Left me nice and relaxed. Nice body high.
Very good

excellent strain. nice red hairs and tight buds. it smells mild but smokes smooth. it's a very enjoyable hybrid and good for any time of the day

Hit hard with big insights, and then landed me softly in my bed like a baby. I wouldn't recommend this one for depression, it wasn't particularly uplifting. But if you're needing clarity or help sleeping, Quin is wise and soft.
Very good

Quin-N-Tonic is my favorite of the 4-5 high CBD strains I've tried... it's a mix of dark green, purple and almost blue hues and smells almost sweet. The addition of cannatonic to Harlequin reduced the face-melty, hard-to-focus quality I dislike in Harlequin. I ended up mixing a couple grams with some Bay 11 and it made for an incredibly relaxing, happy, clear headed smoke.
Very good

Got really high on this. Smells and tastes amazing. To stoned to write anymore. Wow.
Very good

Quin-N-Tonic is the most effective strain I've used for treating my Anxiety and Panic Disorder. I used this strain during a rather severe Anxiety Attack; to my amazement after only smoking about 0.2g the Anxiety was COMPLETELY GONE!!! It's terpene profile is reminiscent of blueberry pancakes with sweet & earthy undertones.
Very good

Awesome stuff, just got some from the downtown dispensary, perfect for bedtime smells super bomb too!