Querkle Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Great for pain. Traumatic arthritis is dulled and melts away, inflammation based pains as well. Fairly heavy stone, my dispensary tested it at over 19%. Great flavor, as most purples. Mood elevator, happy, leave stress behind strain. Love my purps! And this is no exception-
Very good

I love this strain. I get an exceptional buzz and because I smoke it at night i sleep so well that in the morning I don't have pain like I usually do in my lower back and legs. I sleep totally relaxed. Not really a couch lock and I can focus.
Very good

Really good flavor, great high
Very good

I got this gem in a pre-roll. The taste is flowery and light. Great for body pain, kids who don’t stop touching shit and everyday mom activities.
Very good

Flying High Again...
Very good

Always love it been through a few phenos all fire great high always top shelf,great smell, Nugz Are beautiful, everything is Medical hope people are getting same as me and my crew Rastafari JAH #TopShelf #100% #Qaulityoverquantity✓✓Always
Very good

It's ok for an Indica but not that super relaxed feeling that would merit 5 stars. nice berry flavor via vaping.
Very good

An excellent strain; very relaxing and is great for anxiety or stress! Connoisseur smokes will definitely enjoy the relaxed, uplifting, chilled out and good mood provided by the “Quirkle” strain. However lighter smokers take it easy with this one cause it is potent....

Personally, I have had a good experience with this strain. It is very effective at nighttime for treating my PTSD symptoms and lulling me into sleep. However, if you are predisposed to becoming paranoid when smoking, this strain may not be the right fit for you. A good friend of mine had a very unenjoyable episode last night after smoking a relatively small amount of the stuff, so just be cautious if you are worried about in...

I didnt like this one. it did the job but not your traditional indica. It made my mind wander and kept me awake. Great berry taste and does get you in the zone but wasnt for me.