Purple Wreck

Purple Wreck Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Great strain to smoke if u feel like giving up on the world. Makes you smile, makes you appreciate the littlest things in life and that you have the opportunity to experience this wonderful strain. This strain is sure to put a smile on your face or at least make you worries seem insignificant. I recommend.

One of the seeds that rocketed me into a love affair in my youth. It is a medium to low yielder with dense nugs with medium to large values, forming at an inch or two apart. It finishes a blend of green and lavender purple with almost easily visible glandular bulbs . I was most pleased to find the same or a very similar pheno in the form of a Live Sauce from Willamette Valley Alchemy. Purple Urkle x Trainwreck, the smell is ...
Very good

New favorite strain. This is an indica but it didn’t make me too sleepy. I smoked this with my pal and we both got hit with waves of relaxation and our muscles felt “like noodles”. 11/10. You get super comfortable and it’s one of the best highs I’ve experienced.
Very good

Perfect strain for my Crohn's pain and nausea. Mellow head high with a very relaxing couch lock. I haven't smoked in 4 years and this was a great reintroduction.
Very good

Exelente!!!! Relajante y estimulante
Very good

This strain is amazing. It was so strong i had to stop cooking to lie down. Im pretty sad i never made lunch, but it was pretty great.
Very good

Awesome, relaxing, giddy,happy smooth high.
Very good

buds look amazing. mix of green and purple. just like the description says.
Very good

Found Purple Wreck at Sweet Leaf Illusions on 82nd, across from cartlandia. This strain was just what I was needing. The high is relaxing and really stoney. There batch is pretty high testing at 27.7 thc. The strain was a really smooth smoke out of my bong, and if you're looking for a nice relaxed high, Purple Wreck will be right up your alley. I stopped in before noon and they gave me 10% off my order. So I grabbed some edi...
Very good

Muy buena para dormir y estar completamente relajado y sentir un alivio bien grande en mis dolores cronicos.