Purple Star

Purple Star Cannabis Strain

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this is by far the worst stuff I've ever smoked. I don't know if I got a bad strain or what but I bought it on line from a reputable site. it's terrible, I'm so dissapointed I'm kind of get angry when I think about it.

Feel the affects straight away, felt super relaxed but make sure you have a drink because your mouth is gonna be dry af! Good for insomnia and have a tingle in every part of your body... had slight anxiety but apart for that, an overall great strain!

Excellent strain, strong indica, took a few dabs in the morning. The medicine held me a note able length. Very relaxing very smooth. I definitely recommend a try!
Very good

Love this strain, very sedative, but kinda still makes you wanna talk. Great bed time smoke. Gorgeous when flower is broken up.
Very good

Bomb pure indica weed, rocked me pretty heavily and left me a bit dazed. It's like looking at something purple underneath a layer of snow. 5 star weed all day long!
Very good

I had purple star og it was preety good :) coukdent find it here tho just purp star
Very good

Dream weed. I don't know why but when I smoke before bed I dream like crazy. Might be the most smoothing strain I've smoked so far.
Very good

Good Indica, not as strong as other top Indicas, but gets the job done! Chill chill body high, slight dry mouth tho.

Great chill strain. Relaxed and pain is melting away. Smoked a bit at nighttime and gradually dozed off into lala land.
Very good

Very nice strain for the price At all greens