Purple Punch

Purple Punch Cannabis Strain

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this is heavy shit can't smoke this while working new fav!!!!
Very good

The sight,taste,and smell is top notch the high is amazing it's like it starts from the head and slowly oozes down to the body and limbs I highly recommend
Very good

The name explains it all, Purple PUNCH ! If your looking to get blazed and dazed I highkey Recommend this strain as it taste like grape jolly ranchers and smells like fruity pebbles. Be carful tho idacouch
Very good

This week was my first time trying this strain and I LOVED it, great example of how indica should smoke. You don’t have to smoke multiple joints to reach the level you want to be on, one is enough and that’s one of my favorite things about this strain.
Very good

The smell and flavor are phenomenal. Not quite as strong as other indicas, but will still do the trick if you smoke a little more.
Very good

nice heavy indica. very icy and keef is best used as a topper on a complimentary strain.
Very good

this purple punch got me SMACKED out my ass
Very good

Got this strain @greenhalo. One word, phenomenal. Great smell, taste and relaxing high
Very good

Sweet smelling. Like a berry patch / herb garden on a still sunny day. Pretty soon I was transferred to a disposition of complete calm euphoric zaniness ! Like minded peeps joined in and shananagens ensued
Very good

Makes me a little speedy, but it’s fun.