Purple Passion

Purple Passion Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Wouldn’t recommend this for daytime use if a novice user . Indica dominant hybrid . Doesn’t really take much for me to start feeling the body high effects after even a bowl from a waterpipe. Definitely a indica lovers type of strain . I don’t smoke much of it before a shift . It has a slight euphoric body tingle to it... usually eating right away , reverses the “paranoid high” feeling . My buds didn’t look as purple as...
Very good

Purple Passion is one of my favorite strains because of its versatility-- it's perfect for a relaxing daytime smoke, but loading up a few bowls before bed is a great option too. You aren't locked into the effects like you would be with a stronger indica or a very cerebral sativa... instead you're given the best of both worlds with a very introspective, relaxing high. I've smoked several eighths of Purple Passion so far and c...
Very good

The best sleep aid I have ever had the grape earthy taste is so nice when taking hits from my bong honest to God I need a clone so I can grow this strain I love it
Very good

This strain was a good mix of indica and sativa it gave me a good relaxing high
Very good

One of the fullest bodied strains of weed I've ever personally had. The color was a deep deep purple color and the taste was very smooth and velvety. One of my all time favorite strains and would definitely reccomd for anyone looking for a relaxing, peaceful high.
Very good

🤤 the smell is so amazing, I opened my jar and smelled it for at least a few minutes.. the buds are so pretty and deep purple hues with fiery orange hairs and to think I gotta good deal 7 grams for $55 from my favorite delivery service. I’m so happy I found this strain.. me and my mom smoke together so I like to find indicas that can relax her from her excruciating arthritis pain.. this helped her tremendously.. she’s eatin...
Very good

This is such an amazing sleep aide.
Very good

I just finished up first semester of my junior year at university, so I believe this was about '01. My best bud-dy had found something amazing a little earlier than normal this year. Back then it was always solid connections, just not very many amazing trees. They only came around certain times of the year. But when the news came around about a strain that challenged for the Cannibis Cup recently? The frenzy was real. W...
Very good

No matter what time of the day it is , this strain will make you feel like you can have amazing sleep. Negatives are mouth drier than Sahara desert but overall good weed for sleep and food.

it literally smells like grapes and it literally tastes like grapes. quick two bowls will knock you on your ass. all you need to know right there