Purple Panty Dropper

Purple Panty Dropper Cannabis Strain

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Very good

While perhaps not the most potent, this strain hits hard for muscle pain for people like me with fibro and MS. The overall feel after smoking is great and relaxed.

Tried it for the name, but ended up super impressed. And slightly aroused 😂😂 Very relaxed too.

It's okay... I didn't hate it. But it's not something I'd go out of my way for. Overall, it's your average high in my opinion.
Very good

I’m enjoying this mixed with DreamQueen, so it’s a mixed review. But... I really enjoy! It puts me in a great mood, doesn’t “not” put me in the mood😉, and gets my ass moving! Unfortunately, doesn’t do much for my pain. It’s a great addition to any strain.
Very good

Let the panties hit the floor... Let the panties hit the floor... Let the panties hit the FLOOOOOOOOOR!!! I am so fucked up right now. I have been high for like 4 hours off this strain. I hit my homemade THC cart. Rosin tech. 1 to 1 ratio. Only took 4 hit's. And I smoke all the damn time and use edibles. So watch out this shit is strong. I can't feel my body or my face. I can see why some would have an anxiety attack think...

One word: horny
Very good

Not sure about this being an aphrodisiac more like Purple Eyelid Dropper for me. Eurphoric high that comes along with a stupefying mental fog and a good body buzz. Solid strain for just relaxing, but I wouldn't smoke this if you need to get anything done because it probably won't get done well.
Very good

Very dank bud, fluffy, has some really dark almost purple nugs. Has a berry flavor alongside that basic earthy taste. High takes a couple minutes to hit you but once it does those panties are being dropped.
Very good

The buzz on this one is pretty good. A lot stronger than most of the cannabis I have tried. It helps with my pain for sure. It did not, however, taste that sweet, like I thought it would. It actually didn't really have a flavor at all. But it does creep up on you, and one bowl will do the trick for a really good long lasting high. Give it about 30-45 mins to feel the total effects of it, which means don't smoke too much if y...
Very good

I grew out two phenotypes of the PPD. One was like PEZ candy... super frosty large flowers but with only light purpling. My other phenotype was heavy on the purple but lighter on the resin production and terpene depth. Will purchase again and hunt for the fat PEZ flavored phenotype. Terps trump color all day long.