Purple Nepal

Purple Nepal Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Major giggle strain. Munchies. Good time fun strain. Despite being indica I was wide awake.
Very good

It brings me to a poetic state. Think less haiku, more sonnet. Think less Ralph Waldo Emerson, more John Muir.
Very good

For the balance of CBC and THC both being high this strain is perfect for someone suffering from anxiety. The strain in my experience usually allows the patient or rec user to be able to focus more on the beautiful and happier thanks rather than the worrisome aspects of life that usually consumes their mental outlook. As well as it's amazing anxiety benefits her flowers are beautiful and smell amazing! Helps the intimida...
Very good

My all time favorite!!

A very mellow strain that makes relaxing a whole lot better. Although it does make you sort of sleepy, so try to avoid burning it on a busy day.
Very good

I would do a review on this strain it's a very good one if you have pain and sleep problems will not lock you to the couch buddy will put you to sleep if you smoke enough of it The indigo affective calming and relaxing and increase as you medicate more Enjoy people

This review is for Nepalese Kush from a company called Mindful. The parents are a Nepalese landrace and Hindu Kush. It's basically a pure indica that's substantial, relaxing, but not as heavy a some indicas. It's more like a cozy balance between mind and body. Deep, smooth and somewhat thoughtful. Excellent.
Very good

Tasty nugrun shatter from Green sativa in federal Heights CO 18$g go buy
Very good

Smaller buds than I hoped I would get, but the purple tinges of color and the crystals coating the outside were noticeable and emitted a sweet aroma. The flavor was sweet as well with a grape or berry flavor, earthy hints too. It was smooth from the inhale to exhale. The high was perfect for unwinding and relaxing during the evening with relaxing the muscles and unwinding the mind, but it's not enough for getting to sleep. B...
Very good

good for bedtime but not much else. the flavor was beautiful and so were the nugs.