Purple Monkey Balls

Purple Monkey Balls Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Heee heee... woah. This stuff is a total knockout, keeps you clear enough to function but toasts you head to toe with a smooth slowdown definitely a night strain when you’re trying to unwind 9/10 Would recommend to my “buds”
Very good

AWESOME! Taste is great, burn, potency, effects, looks, all great. If you see it... buy it. It is not super potent but works awesome as an evening wind down.
Very good

Mello and euphoric. So good
Very good

Sedative Smells sweet and piney Dark green, orange, purple. Smoke at sunset with some chia tea

Great taste, and it works very well with pain!

Are there any potency percentages on this his strain? I have not tried it yet. Gave 3 stars because no potency data.
Very good

I was literally stuck. Full on body high, great for body aches without the weirdness of sativa high. It’s great if you want a full body high & great for sleep.
Very good

This is so good! Very tingly, really talkative and giggly, with some deep thoughts and burst era of laughter. We enjoyed it very much, so much so we went right back to get to more so that we wouldn’t miss out. Such a good time! Some couch lock but also bursts of energy, it’s weird! Does leave feel a little heavy and foggy next day depending on how much you do, but it’s worth it to me :)
Very good

Very relaxing
Very good

I've been growing purple monkey balls for a couple of grows and love this strain!! A gorgeous flower to grow and come harvest my whole house smells like grapes. I wish leafly had the thc and cbd for this strain it's definitely up there around 21%