Purple Hindu Kush

Purple Hindu Kush Cannabis Strain

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Very good

i really like this strain. it makes you feel very relaxed.
Very good

In my top favorite strains! Still haven’t found anything like it.
Very good

My husband and I really enjoy this strain. Definitely helps calm me down.

PHK is a solid strain to help release my pain after work. I’m he high starts in your head, then slowly releases pain through your body - all while keeping your spirits uplifted. This is a strain I always keep on hand.
Very good

Purple Hindu Kush gets me stoned! It does it fast too! A lovely combo of two great strains this indica is strong and delicious. With a sweet grape like flavor and a light woodsie splash I could puff on it all day. It has amazing fast acting pain relief and leaves me nearly couch locked. If you have stuff to do this may not be your best option as it tends to make me a little stupid. Great before bed.
Very good

Purchased two grams for a neck strain and and it definitely was relaxing and made it possible to sleep at night. What was really nice was the initial buzz was very mellow and not overpowering like say Grand Daddy Purple. Great evening relaxing strain. :)
Very good

I suffer from insomnia and this helps me sleep! I've tried many indica strains. I've also asked the dispensaries I've been to, what they would recommend but this time I researched strains on Leafly; I tried a strain based on reviews. The reviews are accurate and helpful!
Very good

I must say my husband and i had some euphoric sex on this one..every blunt was just some hot sex then good sleep
Very good

Local shop tried to sell me this a few times, but from a distance it really wasn’t appealing. I finally got a close look and whiff and had to try it. I must say it’s definitely a go to strain now. Nothing can compare to it’s relaxation and help with sleep, true medicine. Two thumbs way up. It’s also great tasting and smooth. Highly recommend it for the indica lovers or anyone trying to get some zzzs. Strong but not overpower...
Very good

i cannot feel my body. my legs are not restless (i have rls). my eyes are heavy and pretty dry and i have cotton mouth, but the thought of confusing much right now makes a lump form in my throat. i’m not nauseous, but if i ate i feel like i would be. i wanna play pubg