Purple Happy Rancher

Purple Happy Rancher Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Excellent relaxing/sedative effects. A lazy day strain. This is definitely a strain I use before bed time. Initially I got it just for its name (aka Purple Jolly Rancher), and quickly it replaced my melatonin ritual. Tastes great, mine actually tasted like grape. It made me very relaxed and sleepy, I didn't really want to do much after this, and I love it for that.
Very good

Nugs probly are 75% purple, 15% orange and 10% green. Shits crazy, smoked good it's a little stemmy tho
Very good

Relaxed. Tastes like jolly ranchers
Very good

It’s my most favorite at this time.. i felt amazing ... sharp and inspired, chill but not sleepy. And when it’s down time it just so relaxing ... love it !
Very good

single small dab had me nodding on the couch
Very good

Pretty good high, had me relaxed most of the night.
Very good

5 star rating don't sleep on this strain
Very good

Good stuff. Helps me to relax & sleep. Minor body high without throwing me off my game. Absolutely wonderful if you've got PTSD.
Very good

The batch I got smelled rather skunky, but it tastes much more grapey and slightly musky. This is a fairly spacey indica for me, so I wouldn't smoke it before doing important stuff, but the tingly relaxing body high is awesome.
Very good

Best sleep I have gotten in a while. If I can I keep a good supply of this one for nighttime.