Purple Goo

Purple Goo Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Large, dark nugs with a few orange hairs. Smell is sweet and earthy with a strong undertone of pine and fuel. Tastes decidedly piney with a harsh earthy, sour exhale. The high starts quickly-in under 2 minutes. It’s super relaxing with solid pain relief and a mild head buzz. Not spacey but certainly introspective and care free. You’ll want to snack so have munchies on hand. This is a functional indica, ideal for a lazy Sunda...

high quality indica strain minimal side effects other than dry eyes nice flowery berry smell and taste and beautiful purple buds
Very good

I agree with all the review results, how ever mine was convection vaped herb. Would be way interested in a concentrate.

Best tasting strain I've ever consumed.
Very good

I like it smells really good smooth smoke but burns my nose a little I like that does smell like lavender I'm getting a piney taste buds were nice n dense wish who ever grew it would of left it under a bit would of loved to see more purple in it body feels very relaxed would try again for sure mouth is starting to dry up 10/10 for me

it really makes the crap from the day melt away. nice to smoke some mixed with a little bubble and then just cuddle all night and such good sleep. I have bad insomnia anxiety and depression with a little ptsd and traumatic brain injury. works for me and after about 30 minutes can still function.
Very good

Great strain. smells sweet. smooth smoke, very relaxing. only downfall is it made me very hungry.
Very good

Purple Goo lives up to its rep.. awesome strain for relaxation and pain management.

very purple. very moist. she's gorgeous upon first sight. bitch feels velvety. smells like grape bubble yum & when smoked(organic hemp paper) she taste like sweet berry iced tea. perfect indica... one of top 3 purples out hands down
Very good

This stuff is great. The nuggets are tight and dense and make good kief. Instant relief of pain, anxiety upon smoking with a calming euphoric bliss. Very peaceful high that is good at the end of the day to unwind into your night. I have to get more of this stuff soon. Try it out