Purple Dragon

Purple Dragon Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This is my be fav strain very nice and potent amazing strain i love it cheers🤪✌️

Very good strain it is very uplifting yet relaxing if u are looking for a good time this should be your go to Indica otherwise i would suggest maybe some shipwreck or other types of sativas
Very good

3 of the best strains in one bud - amazing cerebral high at first then a nice relaxing phase takes over. Love the smell and taste usually vaporize for max taste .. best when u want to chill out yet multitask as well
Very good

I tried this strain and it got me high asf. i really like it, it has a different smoke than other strains that i can't explain.
Very good

One of my all time favorites!
Very good

This is sooo nice can take long times with purple dragon

Holy crap this is a great strain. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this relaxed. I usually have bad insomnia, but this pretty much cures that for me. All I can say is thank God for this lovely concoction.
Very good

Man, there's levels to this strain and they're all brilliant! Very, very relaxing with a decent taste. I came home with an upset stomach after eating and it began to dissipate after only a few hits of the Dragon! My only compliant would be that it tends to fade away a bit sooner than I'd like. Quite the journey until then though!

amazing flower that has an incredible effect. Very irie a tranqualizing but alert high that is not a typical indica whatsoever. Musky berry sweet smell which invokes a serene euphoria that is amazing.
Very good

i tried this particular strain a few months back ,& its effects were amazing. Relaxing ,(cerebral & body), appetite inducing, plus it envelops u in a warm feeling that gently lulls u 2 sleep. Here's the Bonus ,i had bout a gram leftover tbat i had in a glass jar, that was burped every week. after months i decided to smoke the last piece. WOW !!!!! It had gotten even darker hues of purple green and the trichomes were shimmer...