Purple Chemdawg

Purple Chemdawg Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Love it! Tingly sensation and a slow cerebral effect, great for nighttime use!

Strong indica kush, sweet taste and powerfull body high. Motion is limited by stonedness, while mind stays active, creative and makes you feel very euphoric.
Very good

First of all make sure that you got some good munchies and Ice cream😄, after your reviews guys I decided to try it, The high is good, you feel relaxed 😊 pretty good strain, for movie night and some good food, I think I could recommend it.
Very good

Very tasty . looks smells and effects were great. after a long day nice way to just veg out on the couch . I would buy it again .
Very good

Sends me to space. All of my stress and anger gets tossed out. Also great for pain and headache relief. Makes me couch locked, just zoning out while listening to music.
Very good

10/10. 1 generously filled bong after a hard day of graft n fair to say i was sedated😂 definitely recommend👍🏽
Very good

love it real realxing,just helps with pain stress ,sleep all 💯 specialy what I got was so beautiful in looks Smell ,and taste for sure it's a go getter for indica seekers..
Very good

This is my jam when I want to relax and watch the tube, but am still able to do a load of laundry at my leisure if need be. Just a great euphoric high.
Very good

Not as impressed as i thought

hits the head in an hour. or half. pplywstatus.