Purple Candy

Purple Candy Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Smoother than a baby covered in butter large tokes wont have you choking. A blunt of this fine strain in a homies basement had me quite zooted and made the ride to little ceasers intense especially when nobody notices the drivers door open for several blocks. Overall this is my top 3 strains be warned however it is a creeper
Very good

wowwww my favorite strain in just 1 hit you will love this strain smell so yummy and tasty
Very good

Very relaxing. Makes me feel so good that I don’t worry about anything anymore. Thanks Post Malone for the sweet music to chill out to while high on Purple Candy (:
Very good

Good Indica for smoking with friends watching a movie while you’re stuck to the couch. No anxious thoughts, a very small bit of paranoia but nothing over powering. Good bud! Too indica for me. couch>
Very good

Pretty exceptional. Full hectic blaze buzz, straight up gooood shit g! Amazing. Bonglorrrrd!!
Very good

This is my go to strain! It always smells and tastes great. It really helps to level me out and I never get sick of smoking it 😍

By far my all time favorite indica i have come across. Literally the only indica I've ever smoked that made me fall asleep sitting up. Love this strain

Purple Candy is a light, easy to smoke, and well rounded strain. I smoke this when I've had a stressful day, I just sit on my deck, take in the ocean view, and queue up a show on Netflix. I find that I tend to cook when I smoke this strain, not sure why, but I do. Great strain for beginners, 10/10 would recommend.
Very good

seems to have a good effect other than the slight headache but it actually looked really shitty and has a lot of stems so i thought i got ripped off, but it does seem pretty good once i get the buds off the stems and smoked

For time I've ever ordering online and I was extremely happy! I received 28g of pure relaxation, with a lovely bonus of the universe being in alignment!! My spring time anxiety has been thankfully relieved by my vaping of Purple Candy. My motivation returned, allowing me to keep busy and not once did I want to rip out any throats over the full moon! ;-) Looking for relaxation while still being motivated... give it a try! ...