Purple Buddha

Purple Buddha Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Had no idea what this was had to look it up... was looking for a hybrid but didn't care that this was indica coz it didn't have me couch locked or nothin. Usually burn this midday into the evening has me relaxed and focused to get me through those last few hours before nightfall.. excellent smell and taste, 8.5/10
Very good

smoother smoke, and a very relaxing strain. it gave me a very comfortable couch potato feeling and was great for being chill around friends and playing some video games. would reccomend for sure!
Very good

This strain makes up part the medical marijuana strain called Flavica, along with Girl Scout Cookies. So I'm actually rating Flavica, which is an excellent indica that can be smoked during the day. Nice euphoric buzz Got some stuff done. Good munchies!

This is #1 tied with White Lotus because they both leave you waking up ready to do a triathlon, I mean it is way better than a pre-workout to the point you wouldn't even need anything before training just wake up so refreshed you feel like you can move a mountain, it is the perfect REM quality night-time vape experience for me!
Very good

love this strain! Smooth and strong.
Very good

got in hash oil concrete and my goodness is this amazing. taste isn't my favorite but it relaxes me and puts me to sleep for suuuurrrreee. highly suggest for pain and relaxation but no productivity will be done.
Very good

got to say one of my favorites. the whole bubba family

This strain was a nice choice. Very pleasant taste and aroma. The high is very body,dont expect to get a lot done. Very euphoric,very relaxing. A great berry flavored Indica.
Very good

Absolutely killer smoke. Smells nice and gives a nice relief for the pain.
Very good

I got this strain from maine and all i can say is wow......true indica. Leaves you mellow with that couch lock feeling thats perfect for nighttime, even use in day time to help when panic attacks arise. Great strain all around