Purple Bud

Purple Bud Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Lot of thc on this Strain .purple color also very attractive .

Great relaxing euphoric high... I had some trim of Oregon Purple Bud that I grew, and the trim made Great Dab... Also we have Purple Bud at Pendleton Cannabis!!! Stop on in when passing through Pendleton, Oregon!!! ✌💨 Ask for Austin
Very good

Originally picked this up to deal with my daily headaches, and while it did not help me in that area, it did take my mind off of it enough to help me sleep. A little of this and I got drowsy and wanted my bed, but a little more and I started thinking deeply about human consciousness. Pretty good bud nonetheless

Grew 6 indoors with 600w hps 2 went purple. Veg stage for 30 days. Followed for 70 last 10 days i flushed. I ended up with about 12 ounces fully dried and cured. Very shocked by how potent this strain is!
Very good

5 Plants (3 indoor, 2 outdoor) only 1 turned purple(left it outside during cold nights). Really nice smell, quite good harvest anr very potent effects. Lets you sleep tight.
Very good

love purple bud

has been such a pleasure to grow. amazing price for seeds. not auto seeds, but fems... got a very high yield. loved the smoke !
Very good

Really easy strain to grow, i'm a newbie but it was fun for me ! When vaping, it tastes really good :). I would recommand it. Peace ✌️
Very good

Big fan of this. After the first hit you get a jolt of energy then your body starts to really get relaxed, but your mind stays active.

It's easy to grow. Flowering took 62 days from switching to 12/12. It wasn't purple, but I had the temperature above 23C⁰ The smell during flowering wasn't hard. Definitely It needs curing after harvest. The vape smells and tastes very good, but I expected a bit more from the effect.