Purple Bubba

Purple Bubba Cannabis Strain

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I wasn’t sure I even wanted to post this review, but I figured it might help someone else. The effects of this strain are great, but it left me with an emotional hangover. The next day I felt anxious, insecure and on-edge until the mid-afternoon. This was a powerful dark emotion. At first, I didn’t think it had anything to do the herb, but after the 4th bad recovery with this one over the course of 2 months (with differen...
Very good

IF YOU FEEL EXTRA LAZY OR YOU CANT MOVE YOU GOT THE RIGHT STUFF this strain is very relaxing this was better then bubba in my opion in terms of sleepy and relaxed highly reccomend for sleep
Very good

Very relaxing. Very smooth. Doesn't burn. It relaxes you enough to sleep or watch a movie. Calms the mind. My new fav!
Very good

Not the strongest. Tastes nice, though.
Very good

Relaxed REAL pain relief . Amazing that this kind of back pain does now call for dangerous drugs and pills . I can rely more on purple bubba ..lol...and his friends to numb this pain . No opioids needed. Perfection
Very good

I can't move. everything feels good. 9/10
Very good

Super chill and snacktacular in the evening, optimal for bedtime.
Very good

As I write this review, I am currently being swept away in a whirlwind of sweet indica satisfaction. The high approaches slowly... taking over and leaving your body feeling relaxed and pain free. I don't find it to be too uplifting, however the body buzz (inidica) is a damn good time. Great Strain!
Very good

Got a 8th of this along with a halfz GG#4xWifiOG and some Gods Gift and some clone ECSD at a 420 event in philly. im not usually big on heavy indicas except b4 bed but Purple Bubba smells/tastes looks so beautiful i deal with the couchlock lol. worth it for that grape/berry-kushy exhale. beautiful barney purp/green nugs with bug kush leaves coated in trichs. definetly a knock out, but ifyou smoke a few huts and put it down, ...
Very good

very solid indica. this may be the best smelling strain i have ever smelt. potent without being overpowering. worth a visit for indica lovers.