Pure Love

Pure Love Cannabis Strain

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Very good

This is probably the only strain I will give 5 stars ever. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. This strain for me, helps joint pain, nausea, anxiety, gastro pain, and brain fog all in one. It's hard to obtain strain sometimes. The pain relief is so good you expect to get extremely high, but you don't. It's not an intense head high and after an hour or two I can go about my day comfortable. I will buy this in any form at any t...
Very good

So quick to kill my migraine!!!! I was literally shaking with pain from a migraine that had lasted 9 hours prior.... a few inhales later, my body was buzzing, my head felt clear, and my pain melted away.
Very good

After a year of experimenting with different strains for pain after having multiple spine surgeries, this may be the best strain I have ever used. My pain was nonexistent, my muscles were relaxed (but not jelly), and my mind was still sharp. I felt like my old self for the first time in a decade. I highly recommend for pain spasms, and inflammation.

I have been searching for an indica that can have its full effects on me since I use cannabis daily - this strain put my body and mind at ease and I can feel my eyes start to get low, the pain and anxiety slips away after just one dab. Good strain will definitely get this again - best if used at night before bed- very strong ! Stay lifted
Very good

great effects
Very good

I'm writing this review as a fibromyalgia patient. I tried Pure Love because White Harmony was out of stock (it's my go to). I prefer mixing the high CBD strains with either a sativa or indica in order to decrease the psychoactive effects as I have a professional job. I've tried Pure Love by itself and mixed with Sweet Island Skunk and OG 18. I prefer the Pure Love by itself. However, it does make me feel a little tired as i...
Very good

I've consumed, and I am now growing it. The buds smell so good, so sweet, almost like a great strawberry mango smoothie. It has been a slower grow, and takes patience, but the great effects along with the smell make it well worth the wait. The effects are relaxing, and help a lot with sleep, and pain, and make you pretty hungry which helps a lot with my usual lack of appetite. I give it an 9 out of 10 rating for sure. ...

Nice smell. Better high. It has the best that you want in a indica.
Very good

This pure love smells so good that it almost smells like a ripe mango. Pain goes away immediately. Nice head high.body feels good.