Pure Afghan

Pure Afghan Cannabis Strain

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Very good

As someone who is sensitive to anxiety and panic attacks this strain really helps, in small doses! Really calming strain, full body relaxation. But when i take a little more it quickly made me very uncomfortable because i got dizzy and could not move from the cough, being this paralyzed makes me anxious it appears. I can imagine people loving this effect but it triggered a panic attack in me. Still loving this one though! a...
Very good

For myself, I find this to be a nice 'middle of the road' indica, where I am able to enjoy the THC effects without losing focus or attention to things. It mellows me out, but doesn't glue me to the couch. I love it.
Very good

nice riding indica initially uplifting and great for creativity but not recommended for anything needing intense concentration. moderate couch lock with a knock-out finish good night zzzzz
Very good

Caregiver dropped off this morning,smoked half a bowl of this wonderful woody,hint of pine strain. 4 hours later still feel relaxed. Will be perfect for night smoke. A little strong for day smoking

Incredible strain! Very nice smell upon opening the bag. Smoked out of a bong - sweet, earthy aroma | typical indica effects (sleepy, relaxed) 10-15 mins. after smoking a nice warm feeling came over me, almost like a cozy blanket. Half an hour later I was asleep haha. Slept like baby! One of my favourite strains atm :)
Very good

I'm very anxiety prone and a lot of different strains will make it worse. This was top notch for relaxation, pretty heavy all over. Super chill strain.

I suffer from crippling depression and I've been pretty bad for the last week or so. I smoked a bowl of this last night for the first time and then was the only strain (out of the 5 I have on hand) that was able to lift me up out of my fog. I was able to look at things objectively and have some self reflection. And I FINALLY feel like a human being again. This is wonderful stuff. I can't praise it enough
Very good

Great strain. The overall high was the bomb!
Very good

Great traditional weed flavor, helped relax me and get me towards bed. Only downside is the effects take a little bit longer than usual to hit me. But once they hit - they're perfect!
Very good

This strain is perfect for anyone with insomnia or depression. I always get a fantastic night's sleep with it and always end up more giggly and happy after smoking. Only negative is you get the munchies for some weird stuff but other than that, it's my go to strain!