Puna Buddaz

Puna Buddaz Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Exotic & like no other, except Puna Haze of course. 🔥

I had this strain in Hawaii. Pure outdoors grown in volcanic soil in perfect growing conditions due to the topography of the island and other things. Lil sis hooked us up with some locals who schooled us that the Puna buds were the best on the island. I was not disappointed. This stuff probably still topped the best indoors I had Amsterdam(not by much of course).Very stony high, with a great body buzz. Lasts a long time ...
Very good

awesome strain,ive had the honor of going in the heart of puna,in fern acres,i actually obtain,look,touch her,first hand..amazing flower!!
Very good

PuaManaOhana says it all... my experiences include diving after dosing and surfing non~stop while so incredibly slaughtered by this beautiful strain. knock you down, drag you through the mud cannabis. Big Island style
Very good

Mahalo (Thanks) @Leafly for giving Puna Buddaz such a sweet review! Puna Buddaz is an amazing survivor and true legend in da Pakalōlō kingdom. She handles da tropical monsoon downpours of da Puna District on da Big Island of Hawai’i like a champ. Many Puna growers will tell you after particularly rainy seasons, Puna Buddaz is da last plant standing when many other strains have already succumb to mold issues. Puna Buddaz i...
Very good

Very strong cerebral effects. Really enjoyed while I was out and about. Didn't feel couch-ridden at all. Definitely not for beginner smokers.