Puna Buddaz

Puna Buddaz Cannabis Strain

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What is Puna Buddaz

Puna Buddaz, Hawaiian landrace indica that first gained popularity in the 60’s and 70’s is a powerful strain. These plants are known for their mold resistance and their potency. Stubby bushes are a characteristic along with large glistening bud clusters that are seen on Puna Buddaz. This strain is great for night use. Deep body relaxation followed by sleep helps muscle tension and inflammation. Experienced users will enjoy this strain not so much for the inexperienced.  Flowering for this strain is 55-60 days.

Puna Buddaz Effect And Attributes

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Uplifted (100%)
Happy (100%)
Giggly (75%)
Relaxed (75%)
Euphoric (75%)
Tropical (100%)
Sweet (100%)
Pungent (67%)
Butter (33%)
Skunk (33%)
Dry Mouth (100%)
Anxious (100%)
Dry Eyes (100%)
Dizzy (100%)

Puna Buddaz Flavors

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