Primus Cannabis Strain

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Very good

Very strong heady indica. Couch lock for sure
Very good

This is sooooo good for pain. I got a gram of concentrate. Smells and tastes great. It helps me sleep but without couch lock. It feels like a natural sleep. Defiantly my night time go to strain!
Very good

tried this for my 1st time and wow was impressed usually don't go for these strains but grabbed it because it smelt funky and unknown almost like a clay cheese lol newayz got home and smoked it tastes nothing like it smells actually was potent and since I usually smoke only OG types of strains come to find out it has 303 in it is y this strain connected in my system asap..... if you read this before trying I'm glad because t...

First off, let me just say that this strain STINKS like skunk mixed with diesel which made me nauseous that I wanted to pass out! That's when you know you have GOOD weed. Personally I am not a fan of this kind of smell, but that's my opinion. Flavor was pretty smooth with subtleties of sweetness yet that diesel taste too. Boy, did this strain hit me like a train. All I remember is going to bed and melting completely into my ...
Very good

Very good strain have had lots of good feedback. It’s aroma is very very strong and gets everyone’s attention.

Decent fruity skunky sweet taste and aftertaste. Calm anti-anxiety buzz. Three stars if you smoke to get high and 4 if you use it for anti-anxiety. The stuff I smoked was grown by Flora Vega.

Great for pain. Amazing for pain. You will be couchlocked, and not even Cheetos will get you up. Get ready to order pizza because Primus O.G. is going to get primal on you.
Very good

I love primus, nice good old fashion buzz. Calm, relaxed, amd all good things that come with that

From Green Tree Medicinals (rec side): extremely harsh in Pax II, glass one hitter and joint. The joint would not stay lit, even though the bud was really dry. After eating the bud in Fire Crackers (pb and saltines, as well as Nutella and graham crackers), an herby tea smell was stuck in my nostrils. 16.26 percent THC, per the label.

Rainier Acres has the best Primus, from flower to shatter it's never let me down. I've used it after both of my surgeries and it worked excellent for pain relief. I also use it for nausea and it does help a lot. it's smooth and packs a good punch. High Five Rainier! You guys are awesome!